When Only God is Enough

When Only God is enough

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Updated November 2019

Phoebe Hathway is the coordinator of Jesus Club Croydon at St James. She is also a disability support worker who cares for adults with intellectual disabilities with complex needs and struggles in their daily lives.

Although she was making a real difference to the wellbeing of her clients, she became increasingly frustrated that the help she gave was only superficial issues and did not address their real need, which was to know Jesus Club, and to trust Him as their Lord and Saviour.

"They were only a bandaid solution to a much bigger problem they faced."

This moved her to think about starting a disability ministry at her church, and an information night to present the ministry idea, recruited four out of six leaders on the first night! 

But three months pass and many more attempts at persuasion produced no more leaders. One even pulled out from the ministry.

Then out of the blue, Phoebe received an email from a couple who came to that information night many months ago. The email simply said, ‘We are In! We have Safe Ministry training and we have Working with Children Check. We are ready!’ 

And just like that, God came through triumphantly and provided the exact help they needed at the time.

Jesus Club Croydon at their Christmas party.

Jesus Club Croydon Members and leaders at their Christmas party. 

It is no wonder then when others felt disheartened at starting a ministry with only one member, Phoebe was only encouraged. 'God would provide,' she thought. And she wasn't wrong.

Phoebe is expecting her second member to join her club next term. ‘A 200% growth!’ she said with a big smile on her face. ’She is going to feel very well loved!’

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