This is the Gospel Demonstrated

This is the Gospel Demonstrated

A woman holding a girl's hand as they bow their heads in prayer

Amanda is a member at one of our Jesus Clubs in Sydney. She is 21, non-verbal and has an intellectual disability. Her parents brought her to a Jesus Club after hearing about the ministry from a family friend who has an adult child going to Jesus Club.

At first, Amanda was quiet and reserved, but after a few short weeks, she began to blossom and open up. She started to dance and sing in her own way and began forming genuine friendships with the leaders and members.

One day, her parents approached a leader and asked, ‘You all do this as volunteers?’ They were amazed that anyone would willingly give up their free time to spend time with their daughter. You see, since leaving high school, Amanda has had no friends. Besides her family and professionals like occupational therapists or support workers, who were paid to spend time with her, no one had willingly spent time with her. Not one. Apart from these leaders at Jesus Club.

"... in the love and care provided for their daughter, they are seeing the gospel demonstrated"

But if the parents saw Jesus Club as an incredible opportunity for their daughter to be loved, it was an even greater opportunity for these churches that run Jesus Clubs. 

Because of Jesus Club, this family, and many others, who have never been inside a church their entire life, now gladly bring their adult children every fortnight. Not only are they hearing the gospel in words, but in the love and care provided for their daughter, they are seeing the gospel demonstrated!