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Jesus Club Singapore members and leaders having fun at a party
loving as god would

Jesus Club Ministries in Australia and Singapore are helping churches connect with people with intellectual disabilities with accessible Biblical teaching and an inclusive community.

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Jesus Club Members Hugging at Christmas Party
a very important partnership

This Jesus Club in Sydney's Inner West is leading the way in equipping the next generation of church leaders with disability experience.

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Issy with Dylan and his Art Show artwork
a greater privilege

Issy shares with us what she learnt about herself, God and members through her experience of putting together our Art Show.

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Not only for the unchurched
not only for the unchurched

Jesus Club Ministries helping adult children of Christian families with intellectual disabilities to stay at church.

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Day in the life of a Jesus Club Volunteer
Day in the life of a volunteer

Ever wondered what volunteering at Jesus Club is like? Louise Gosbell shares with us a typical night from Jesus Club Rooty Hill.

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William and Kate Holding Onto Each Other Smiling
William's growing faith

At Jesus Club, Kate has realised her dream for his son to grow in his knowledge of God and have his faith nurtured in a meaningful way.

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Jesus Club Castle Hill celebrating their 5th anniversary
Most rewarding ministry

Julie from Castle Hill Jesus Club, shares why the role she initially accepted with apprehension became the one she now finds most rewarding.

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Michael Leader with Jesus Club leader and member
Meet our newest Jesus Club

Michael Leader from Beverly Hills talk plans and hopes for our newest Jesus Club.

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Susan, member of Jesus Club Castle Hill
A place to belong

At Jesus Club Castle Hill, Susan, a person with Down Syndrome, has found a church community just for her.

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Rhyannah of Jesus Club Kings Park
A lifelong service

Growing up alongside people with disabilities has led Rhyannah, to her lifelong service, caring for those with special needs.

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Two People Sitting on the Beach in Silhouette
caring during the pandemic

Even as the world looks bleak, this Jesus Club shows how our faithful God is still in control and is using His people to care and minister to those He loves.

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Jill from Jesus Club Lower Mountain holding up the Bible she bought with a leader
Jesus club means alot to her

When things took a dramatic turn at home, Jesus club was the one constant our member, Jill, could rely on.

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Finding new life in Christ
Finding new life in christ

Taylor from Castle Hill Jesus Club on his artwork for the New Life Art Show and thoughts on witnessing for God.

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Two women bowing their heads in prayer with hands held
This is the gospel demonstrated

Parents and carers are seeing the gospel demonstrated in the love and care shown to their loved ones with disabilities.

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People worshipping in church
When only God is enough

Phoebe always felt the help she gave to her clients with disabilities was a band-aid solution to a much bigger problem - not knowing God.

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