About 668,100 Australians
have an intellectual disability.

That's almost 3 in 100 Australians. Yet people with intellectual disbilities (ID) is underrepresented in almost every area of our society. While children with disabilities tend to be occupied with activities, like school five days a week, adults with ID have far fewer options available to them.

But even though people with ID may be marginalised in every aspect of our society, they must be able to find in the church a place of acceptance and inclusion.


We love because he first loved us

God revealed His love for us by sending His only son into this world to give life to mankind. His love is revealed in His merciful pardon for all who call on His name; a love for all, no matter what. A belief that has informed our vision and mission from the beginning.

The Biblical view

With and without disabilities, every person is made in the image of God and loved by Him. Throughout the Bible, we see God's heart for the afflicted (Passage). Jesus always cared for those the rest of the society overlooked - healing people who were visually impaired, unable to walk, and championing those poor or needy. (Deuteronomy 27:18-19, passages of Luke).

The Command

Jesus commanded us to "Go and make followers of ALL people in the world" (Matthew 28:19-20), for all of us, including people with ID, have sinned and desperately need God's grace and be saved. God also calls his people to care for those in need and marginalised (Matthew 25:31-40), and the people group of persons with intellectual disabilities (ID) is precisely one of this description.
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How does jesus club work?

Jesus Club Ministry is a Christian ministry with a mission to help churches establish gospel-focused, intellectual disability ministries. We give local churches the training and ongoing resources they need to:


Prepare and structure a Jesus Club with parish and congregation support at their church.


Train up leaders and coordinators to confidently lead their own disability ministry.


Share the gospel in a meaningful way so members can enjoy a friendship with God forever.

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people call it giving,
we call it eternal hope

100% of your giving goes to bringing God's good news
to people with intellectual disabilities.

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