Our work

About 1 in 50 Australians is estimated to have some form of intellectual disabilities (ID), yet they remain one of the most unreached people groups in the world.

Jesus Club Ministries work along side Churches to help them start and grow their own disability ministry. Using training and resources developed specifically for our members, we help them bring God's good news to adults with ID.


Jesus Clubs started


Biblical lessons and resources written with accessibility in mind



How we work

Churches have wanted to be involved in Disability ministry but have lacked the proper framework and resources. Jesus Club Ministries has over fifteen years’ experience establishing Jesus Club programs in local churches. Many have found success running their own program, with thriving Jesus Club communities where love, friendship and well-being are experienced by leaders and members alike.

Start Jesus Clubs

Jesus Club Ministries educate and work with local churches to establish their own Jesus Club program. We are denomination-agnostic. We currently have clubs in several Anglican churches and Baptist churches, and are willing to partner with any church that is grounded in the Gospel and has a love for people with ID.

Train Volunteers

We provide ongoing training for new and existing club leaders to effectively lead their church’s Jesus Club program. Including annual conferences, training & webinars on key disability ministry topics such as teaching the Bible to people with ID, communications and behaviour management and safe ministry practices.

Equip with Biblical resources

While the current Jesus Club program works well with local church. We are also developing other models for churches to work with adults with ID including supporting churches to develop their own specific model as best we can, and partnering with Bible colleges to train leaders with special-needs experience.

Stories from the field

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